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 Arabian Exhibition Management - Bahrain  
  Arabian Exhibition Management is a pioneer of professional exhibition and conference organisation in the Middle East and India.
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 Bahrain Convention & Exhibition Bureau Co Bahrain International Exhibition Centre - Bahrain  
  Bahrain is big on hospitality, big on efficiency & is big on accessibility.
Challenge your spirit of adventure. Challenge your preconceptions. Welcome to the Kingdom of Bahrain.
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 Bahrain Convention and Exhibition Authority - Bahrain  
  Bahrain has historically been an important trading nation and a prosperous entrepot centre, strategically located in the middle of major trading routes in the Region.
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 Bahrain International Travel Expo - Bahrain  
  BITE is a platform to promote Bahrain and various tourism related projects coming up in the Kingdom over the next
5 years.
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 Magnum Events & Exhibitions Management (MEEM ) - Bahrain  
  MEEM is an exhibition and event management company
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 Pico Bahrain - Bahrain  
  In today's competitive market place, the most important element in your marketing communications program is corporate image building.
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 Stand UP - Bahrain  
  STAND UP have been designing and building exhibition stands
since 2003. As Exhibition Stand Designers Since 2001 and exhibition stand contractors As Well Throughout the GCC.
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 Taliba Centre - Bahrain  
  Taliba Centre "Trust Development Creativity"
We supply all your orders free,wherever you are! We always welcom you in all Exhibitions and Shopping Festivals held in all Arab Countries.
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