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Decorative Lights | Underwater Lights | Spots Lights | Flash Lights | Indoor & Outdoor Lighting in Bahrain
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 Lumen Arts - Bahrain  
  We are lighting designers and sell all kind of indoor and outdoor lights, German, Italian are our supply source.Decorative lights, Technical Lights,Artemide, ERCO, Vibia, viabizzuno, Ares, Platek.
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 Al Shamlawi - Bahrain  
  Great lighting is an integral part of your design or build project. You want the freedom to be creative, whilst keeping to your budget and timescales. The Lighting House gives you that freedom.

  (Hits: 6383)  Tel:
+973 17227478
 Al-Ansari Lighting - Bahrain  
  Al-Ansari companies were born: Al-Ansari Establishment in Saudi Arabia in 1965, Al-Ansari lighting Company in Bahrain in 1970 and the Al-Ansari Industries in Bahrain in 1973.
  (Hits: 9665)  Tel:
+973 - 17715100
 Bahrain Switchgear & Lighting Industries - Bahrain  
  Manufacturers of M.V/L.V, Switchgear Equipments, Lighting Fixtures, Cable Trays, PVC Conduit & Accessories
  (Hits: 6207)  Tel:
+973 - 1725 8989
 New Light Led Sign Advertising - Bahrain  
  As lighting retailers we use only the leading brands in the UK and Europe; Dar lighting, Searchlight, Endon, Mantra, Impex, CT Lighting, and Oaks Lighting. If you are looking for Bathroom Lighting...
  (Hits: 3265)  Tel:
 Behzad Lighting BSC © - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 6933) (N/A)
 Fursan Technical Centre - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 5171) (N/A)
 Lumen arts - Bahrain  
  To design with light is to work with a miraculous medium. A medium with the power to reveal form and texture, to convey color and pattern and to subconsciously evoke moods and emotions.
  (Hits: 1854) (N/A)
 Maritronics - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 5183) (N/A)
 NVC Lighting - Bahrain  
  NVC Lighting Technology Corporation is a professional lighting company handling research, manufacturing and sales of all kinds of lighting products.
  (Hits: 6360) (N/A)
 Sarmat - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 6374) (N/A)
 Universal Lighting - Bahrain  
  Chandeliers & Wall Fittings, Garden Lights , Bulbs & Spotlights
  (Hits: 5555) (N/A)
 zhongshan fly lighting company - Bahrain  
  all kinds of chandelier,table lamp,wall lamp,pendant lamp,floor lamps
  (Hits: 4069) (N/A)
 zhongshan xinbao lighting factory - Bahrain  
  chandelier,pendant lamps,table lamps,all kinds of lighting.
  (Hits: 4254) (N/A)
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Decorative Lights | Underwater Lights | Spots Lights | Flash Lights | Indoor & Outdoor Lighting in Bahrain. Click here to find a list of  in Decorative Lighting Bahrain.

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