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APG School Bahrain, a leading Boys & Girls School in Bahrain
APG School Bahrain for Kindergarten, Primary schools & Secondary schools for Girls & Boys in Bahrain. You will find a comprehensive list of best Schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Online registrations can be made from the advertised schools above.
 *Arabian Pearl Gulf (APG) School - Bahrain  
  We aim at catering for individual needs as learning should be beyond the classroom and should develop the students’ personality and cater for their well-being.
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 Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School - Bahrain  
  A Private Educational School (Established in 1977) Offers A High Quality Bilingual Education. Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS) is an IB world School...
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 Al Hekma International School - Bahrain  
  Al Hekma International School , founded in 1985, is immensely proud of its brand-new BD2 million campus, situated in Sanad...
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 Al Manar Private School - Bahrain  
  The outstanding Private Institution in Bahrain providing excellence in British Curriculum,Computer Laboratories,Primary School and Secondary School are well equipped...
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 Al Noor International School - Bahrain  
  Al Noor International School is a private educational institution which was established on 6th September 1993 by highly motivated educational enthusiasts...
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 Alia Primary School - Bahrain  
  Alia’s curriculum is a developmental-based program concerned with the development of the whole child, emphasizing social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth...
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 British School Of Bahrain - Bahrain  
  Welcome to our school. This is a school where children work hard, play hard and get most out of life in a rapidly developing country. We pride ourselves on our academic success...
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 Budaiya Preschool - Bahrain  
  The Budaiya Pre-School provides a happy, safe environment for your child to develop socially, intellectually and emotionally,We pride ourselves on ensuring a wholesome education...
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 Creativity Private School - Bahrain  
  Creativity Private School (CPS) is an independent co-educational day school offering education from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4...
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 Indian School - Bahrain  
  Welcome to the Indian School Bahrain Founded in the year 1950, The Indian School Bahrain was initiated by a small group of people with a commited workforce of three staffs and a Headmistress...
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 KG.Kids Bilingual Nursery School - Bahrain  
  Provides a centre of excellence in bi-lingual education and nurturing of young minds. We provide one of the highest standards in English/Arabic education and our standards are well recognised...
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 Middle East School - Bahrain  
  The Middle East School is purely a privately owned co-educational institution, officially opened in September 2001. The school was upgraded to the secondary level in 2005.
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 Modern Education School - Bahrain  
  We are Modern Education School, a new name in the field of education. We offer high quality academic education in a healthy, safe and orderly environment for students from all nationalities.
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 Modern Knowledge School - Bahrain  
  The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small but important group of islands in the Arabian Gulf. Its importance stems from its position as not only the gateway to the oil-rich eastern province of Saudi Arabia.
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 Naseem International School - Bahrain  
  Naseem was established by Mrs. Sameera Abdul Jabbar AL Kooheji in December 1981 to answer a pressing demand for a good bilingual school to cater Bahraini and other Arab children.
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 New Millennium School - Bahrain  
  New Millennium School, Delhi Public Sshool, Bahrain is run under the aegis of the Delhi Public School Society. It has eminent personalities on its management. Affiliated to the CBSE...

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 Quality Education School - Bahrain  
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 Ria Institute - Bahrain  
  RIA Centre sits happily in the centre of Adliya in Bahrain. Catering to the needs of both nationals and expatriates alike...
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 Sacred Heart School - Bahrain  
  The well-known Sacred Heart School is located in the educational city of Isa Town, the Kingdom of Bahrain.
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 Sanabil Private School - Bahrain  
  Offering an American curriculum, Sanabil Private School was founded in 1996...
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 Shaikha Hessa Girls School - Bahrain  
  Welcome to the Shaikha Hessa Girls' School website! The aim of the website is to provide parents and students information about the school and its various events and activities.
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