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Al Makeena Building Construction (323 Views)

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Construction Companies in Bahrain
Construction Companies in Bahrain

 . Projects Construction Co. W.L.L - Bahrain  
  Since their inception in 1976, Projects Construction have established themselves as a grade ‘AA’ general building contractor and interior fit-out specialist in bahrain.
  (Hits: 572)  Tel:
17731 - - -
(Hits: 84)
  (Hits: 21)
 AL Makeena Building Construction - Bahrain  
  Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Contractors. Basf- Construction chemicals Applicator, Epoxy & Polyurethane Floor coatings, Crack repair & injection & core cutting work
  (Hits: 532)  Tel:
+973 - 1726 2 - - -
(Hits: 75)
  (Hits: 10)
 High Tower Contracting - Bahrain  
  High Tower Contracting for for all building contracting and construction works in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Call us for more information...
  (Hits: 1852)  Tel:
+973 17280 - - -
(Hits: 283)
  (Hits: 41)
 A A A Homes WLL - Bahrain  
  Construction, Property Development, Interior Decoration, Landscaping and allied services.
  (Hits: 1959) (N/A)
  (Hits: 34)
 Abdulla H. Al Derazi W.L.L - Bahrain  
  Abdulla H. Al Derazi W.L.L has a key emphasis on technology transfer and ensuring that its outputs impact in the local and international community. Abdulla H. Al Derazi W.L.L is a Knowledge Resource Centre for the built environment...
  (Hits: 8875) (N/A)
  (Hits: 174)
  ABDULLA MOHAMMED ABDULRAHIM.EST was built on firm foundations of professionalism and today it is one of Bahrain's fast-growing total solutions construction companies.We build ...
  (Hits: 10922) (N/A)
  (Hits: 172)
 Al Aynati - Bahrain  
  We are proud to introduce ALAYNATI GROUP as a well established Contracting & Building management Company covering a wide scope of works in the Building Industry, since 1980 in the Kingdom of Bahrain ....
  (Hits: 15278) (N/A)
  (Hits: 319)
 Al Basair Construction - Bahrain  
  Albasair Construction is a privately held construction company that specializes in Multi-storey Building, Shipping Complex and Luxury Villas. The company has developed since inception into a professional construction
  (Hits: 9814) (N/A)
  (Hits: 186)
 Al Qaed Const. Est - Bahrain  
  Al Qaed Const. Est. is a general contractor that utilizes improved processes to deliver construction significantly faster and at a lower cost...
  (Hits: 10505) (N/A)
  (Hits: 233)
  we undertake projects in construction.excavation,irrigation agriculture and landscape
  (Hits: 8824) (N/A)
  (Hits: 162)
 Al- Nasser For Hiring Building Equipment - Bahrain  
  Since 1971, Al-Nasser For Hiring Building Equipment, has been striving to provide Bahrain with one of the most modern and comprehensive ranges of hire equipment.
  (Hits: 7761) (N/A)
  (Hits: 142)
 Al-Hakam Gate Constructions - Bahrain  
  Founded in 1984, ALHAKAM construction is a general contractor and construction management establishment. We specialize in commercial, and domestic construction...
  (Hits: 10505) (N/A)
  (Hits: 161)
 Al-Yaqeen Construction - Bahrain  
  Al-Yaqeen Construction Bahrain, is a leading Construction, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Project.
  (Hits: 9840) (N/A)
  (Hits: 176)
 Alma Awdah for Construction Materials - Bahrain  
  FireFighting Sys.
  (Hits: 8588) (N/A)
  (Hits: 120)
  Building Construction & Building Materials & Rental Skip
  (Hits: 4062) (N/A)
  (Hits: 62)
 Bahrain Pipe Line Constructions - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 8966) (N/A)
  (Hits: 150)
 BDC International Company - Bahrain  
  A construction firm is only good at its reputation. That reputation is earned by the ability to consistently deliver projects on time.
  (Hits: 9615) (N/A)
  (Hits: 194)
  we are doing waterproofing work.
Building construction
  (Hits: 6112) (N/A)
  (Hits: 115)
 BMDS - Bahrain  
  Rigging and Heavy equipment hiring,Industrial piping, Structural fabrication, Commercial Diving and marine construction.
  (Hits: 7440) (N/A)
  (Hits: 103)
 Bokhammas Group - Bahrain  
  dealing in all kinds of Industrial, Mechanical, Engineering, Marine and protective clothing, light and heavy equipments, Construction & building materials and all kinds of utility products.
  (Hits: 8883) (N/A)
  (Hits: 144)
 Builder Trade GCC Contracting Co. - Bahrain  
  Building Construction
Building Contracts
Civil and Mechanical
  (Hits: 7946) (N/A)
  (Hits: 120)
 Capital Plus Real Estate Co WLL - Bahrain  
  Classic Construction, Paramount Garage Doors, Amazing House Contracting SPC, Paramount Trading
  (Hits: 7660) (N/A)
  (Hits: 140)
 Construction Companies in - Bahrain  
  Your company information will be displayed on the position along with a link to a Business Page to promote your business activities & services
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